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Mindless behavior chat room I Wanting A Sex Girl

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Mindless behavior chat room

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After that we can arrange a meeting. That there are good women in this town. I'm seeking for a NON married, black male, 26 to 36. I am 23 years old, very goal orientated and am not seeking to be controlled. Thank you.

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Why the question is off-topic. Members are not required to close-vote any particular post you bring up. The source for the image linked above which explains oneboxes is this SO Chat FAQbut you have to manually expand the "How do I format my messages? At any of the room owner's discretion, oneboxed images may be moved to trash at anytime without warning, such decisions are final.

Basically, if you're moderating content and not users, this rule should not be an issue.

Mindless behavior dating !

As a result, this means that if you are routinely spending all 50 of your daily close-votes on questions which behsvior been cv-plsed your own and othersthen, on average, you should not post more than roughly 15 cv-pls requests per day e. Pinging the RO s for your request to be removed should happen before you become involved in the post i. The Charcoal team is known for its fine dining rituals think Asterix and Obelix and have therefore invented the next best thing to Spam!

As with all requests, requests about something you're involved with e.

Romo room owners we are sensitive for the needs of the community on Stack Overflow and encourage our members to help us create a guidance toolkit that enables all of us to fulfill those needs. You can find detailed info about Smokey and how you can interact with it here.

General: Don't do sneaky or manipulative actions to get around the rules. Even when circumstances changes and Room Owners turn down their participation knob we still feel they are part of the team.

Undocumented Feature

Do not advertise or make a reference to the room out of the blue. It is highly recommended that your request reason includes your actual close reason, even if that was a custom reason e. What Should Request Reasons Contain? ROs should explain to the user that, in the future, actual requests for action on posts the user is involved with are not permitted, but that discussions about their posts are permitted.

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Close Vote Requests are the most common request you'll find. As such, we don't want anything in the transcript that could be perceived as us treating people unfairly. Adding a line break will cause the tag to not be rendered but just shown as is. An RO will investigate suspected user targeting. Note that for suggested edits of posts, if you have full edit privileges i.

Mindless behavior chat room

Mindless behavior chat. Makes the final call in any dispute, unless the RO team decide otherwise.

chqt Make sure you are OK with exerting your power, but understand when it is necessary to do so to keep the peace. However, users posting requests that are blatantly wrong will be told so.

What is the SO Close Vote Reviewers Chat Room?

If you find the typing, copying, and remembering a bit too much you can use the cv-pls userscript. Keep in mind that the author of the post may drop into SOCVR and we don't want to be explaining why they or their post was insulted behind their back. Being the author of a proposed duplicate-target question or an answer on the duplicate-target does not, by itself, make you "involved" in a question which you are requesting be closed as a duplicate i. In addition, ROs routinely archive completed requests.

The final verdict is up to the RO team. What are the chat room rules? We love this community. No matter what is beahvior from us, we moderate the post and educate the user, the be nice policy is our bible. Can I request people to vote or flag on posts I find? The URRS provides for searching for open requests and displays a sortable, filterable list of incomplete requests.

If a request is posted that the room has an issue with, rroom can be binned by an RO without the approval of the poster itself. Don't post messages intended to "bump" requests i.

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Posting multiple moderation requests for questions which a specific user has answered. General rules for this are: At least three members disagree with the request At least one attempt to reach the poster of the mindlesw via chat ping in SOCVR itself has been made An RO agrees with the room reasoning. Tag burnination requests and tag cleanup requests must be backed by an MSO post that follows the tag burning process.

Some folks just don't live and learn Glad, because without him Roxane soon were in very poor condition. Targeting users for moderation requests is forbidden. An image is oneboxed if the image is actually being displayed inline in chat. The moderation efforts of the room has broadened, but we still aim to reduce the close vote queue length. If you feel the chatroom is getting crowded with handled requests, please ping an RO to request they archive completed requests.

To be clear, the Charcoal team operates from a different room to SOCVR, and has different criteria for granting privileges in that room.

When this is done at the request and direction of a moderator, it is likely to be acceptable. Who are the room owners?

Even if your dog is crated, make sure you stay in the same room with them.