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Late night sex talk

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If you reply to this ad please know what you are replying to. Were you sweating a little also.

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Trivia Sdx was the premiere broadcast of a series, first aired in Octoberlive over Ecstasy Channel on alternate Saturday nights, then released to VHS the following year.

Did You Know? But legal issues resulted in the shut down.

From the United States 5. Luckily Late Night Confessions does it very well indeed. It is not a book that plays by the usual rules of erotica; in fact, it is rather subversive.

The plot is full of surprises, the characters are genuinely likeable and the stories they tell each other in the course of this meandering verbal seduction are some of the most intimate and erotic writing I have ever read. There were a total of seven programs, with the last airing in February This show and "The Mating Game" were immediately canceled pending the filing of lawsuits.

The two main characters are incapable of sticking to the subject; they interrupt, they reminisce, they get sidetracked, they make jokes, they tell lies, they speculate, tease, fantasize and muse upon the most unlikely of subjects - but most of all, as people will in the middle of the night, they talk about sex. Not just a phone sex book, and lste of an erotic classic for those who like their stories very rude but don't want them told too straight.

It was not planned to be the end of the line, the series was very popular. Phone sex, after all, is a pretty regular subject for erotic novels, and, like most varieties of sex, can be rather uninspiring if it's not done well. The result is a wild ride - a string of erotic fantasies that grow more and more intriguing as the night progresses and it becomes clear that perhaps it isn't all just talk.

Please kate again later. Did You Know? Trivia Shot and broadcast live on Valentine's day,this was the last of a seven part series.