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Of the Dream that lurks down in our hearts as well, Averman Sarah are an old couple.

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Well, she was years old. I do wanna share one of the story. I give regularly to various things outside and beyond our budget, but primary concern is here with the church and this I really believe is one of the best ways we bless other people is by being a strong church in the community and when I hear about the Christmas store and E S L and you know we just started the mothers of preschoolers thing that is drawing dozens and dozens of people is just spreading crazy.

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Structure It's a temporary dwelling and you can pick it up move and that's exactly what he had to do so. Also for kids of all ages from birth through high school. It happens again every single night. We're gonna experience the wonder of Christmas together at six different services at two locations. Out there, they have the Internet yet I mean, are you nuts?

Whatever that thing is and it it got a picture of us on their big ad for our Christmas Eve services, we've added services. He's like some homeless guy.

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If we could have your perspective, we would see that our troubles really are light and momentary and we would know that they are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all have mercy on us father and thank you God for our many blessings. You can check out the suggestions out in the lobby afterwards and finally our Christmas Eve services.

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Human you'd audlt it from the news today, Same thing, but God solution to that is to go to this man who has no children and tell him that I want you to go to this land and I'm gonna make you a great nation and you're gonna be fine. Back All This is amazing.

He builds an altar and he kneels down and he worships God that nobody in that area believes in, but he does and when he leaves there's a monument to his faith. We look back to something that's already happened.

He lived there by faith for he was like a foreigner living intense and so did Isaac and Jacob who inherited. I believe just help me with the unbelief. That means that you can do everything God's telling you to do and still run into some problems. It takes faith to stay on this journey and we do it.

So you keep that mind prayerfully as we seek to end strong and maybe maybe you've been coming a while and it hasn't been your habit to vaalley be giving this would be a great time to start discover the the joy and the power of God's blessing and generosity and we would appreciate. We lift to you. We still need both toys and volunteers so if you could help with either one that would be.

He just brought it up in casual conversation. What if I'm an idiot? Since you've given me no descendants so one of my servants is gonna end up getting my estate, God said.

It's not theory. It's not about just sitting still, so it takes a journey of faith to do that. It's late at night and I pulled off and said, check this out.

And then one day the unimaginable happens notice the language, the Lord had said to Abraham. The same promise, Abraham was confidently looking forward to a city with eternal foundations, a city deed and built by God. All the time.

If you looked at Abraham, he wouldn't look any different than anybody else. Power and so much stronger. Somebody was sharing with me just during the break about talking to a neighbor and saying you know I am a hypocrite.

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That's the problem with Christians. We've opened up extra services so that we can make room for your neighbors.

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As we relive the story of Christ coming into the darkness of this world, we pray that you would let the. The families on Earth will be blessed through you so Abraham departed as the Lord had instructed and lot went with him.